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Basic features

Operating table opis:
Electrically adjusted operating table. Thanks to the full electric regulation, the built-in battery and high-quality materials it is unrivalled in this price range. 
Table top longitudinal shift

Additional features

Operating table wyposażenie:
The structure and base of the table is made of stainless steel.
The base has blockable wheels.
Built-in batteries enable the powering of the table in case of emergency.
Electric regulation through a wired control or a control panel in the column. 
Manual regulation of the convexity of the back segment, the angle of the elbow supports, head support or leg supports. 
Accessories within the table set: 2x elbow supports,  4x side positioners,  2x footrests, 2x feet supports, 1x immobilizing belt, 1x sheet stand.
A four-segment memory foam mattress Velcro-fastened to the bed.
Electric regulation of height, the convexity of the back segment, trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg position, side tilts. 

Technical data

Operating table specyfikacja:
Electric height adjustment: 75-100 cm
Lenght: 200 cm
Width (without armrest): 50 cm
Trendelenburg: 20 °
Reverse Trendelenburg: 15 °
Back section down: 30 °
Back section up: 60 °
Head section down: 40 °
Head section up: 90 °
Leg section down: 90 °
Leg section up: 20 °
Leg rest section inclination angle adjustment: 180 °
Tilt adjustment: 20 °
Safe loading capacity: 200 kg