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Manually adjustable height stretcher

Egerton Mobil 2

Basic features

Manually adjustable height stretcher opis:
This cart meant for transport of patients on all wards has regulated height by crank.
Mobil 2 cart is very functional and fit to individual needs of the patient and medical staff.
It enhances the durability of the varnish and makes it resistant to scratches and splinters.
Column structure for C Arm imaging

Additional features

Manually adjustable height stretcher wyposażenie:
Mattress base and side rails made of ABS.
Crank regulation levers in the front of the cart.
Back segment lifted using a gas spring allows to adjust the patient’s position with a minimal carer input.
Central brake allows to block all wheels simultaneously, which guarantees a quick and stable setting of the cart in the desired place.
Direction block enables easy maneuvering in open space, which makes long-distance patient transport easier.
Oxygen bottle holder.
IV drip stand for the IV to be placed during transport.

Technical data

Manually adjustable height stretcher specyfikacja:
Length: 190 cm
Width: 59 cm
Manually-regulated height: 57-78 cm
Backrest adjustment: 75°
Loading capacity: 220 kg