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Egerton Master 2

Basic features

Electrical bed opis:
This bed model is especially recommended for patients of intensive care units, coronary units and surgical wards.
This electrical bed has a stable and durable structure; it is easy to operate both by the staff and the patient; it is easily cleaned.
Translucent bed platform allows X-rays without the necessity to move the patient.
Manual CPR function enables a quick leveling of the bed in case of power failure and quick resuscitation.
Regulation to trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg position (head above/below the level of legs).

Additional features

Electrical bed wyposażenie:
Rails made of ABS plastic protect patient's full body length and prevent accidental damage from falls. They also prevent the patient from leaving the bed on his/her own when it is undesired or could constitute a danger to his/her health. These rails are collapsible, which allows the patient to easily leave the bed and climb onto it.
Cases attached to four corners of the bed allow the installation of lifting frames or grab handles depending on the patient’s individual needs.
Removable headboard is made of light ABS plastic and enables easy clean-up; it can be removed without the use of tools.
Ends of the bed are protected from accidental unfastening.
The bed is covered with removable ABS plastic panels, which are easy to clean, as they enable access to places which typically can be only cleaned from the underside. This solution helps save time, increases efficiency and optimizes patient care.
There are several options of electrical regulation of the bed: wired control and control through a panel attached to the rail, which allows both the patient and the staff to adjust the bed appropriately.
CPR function enables a quick leveling of the bed by pressing a single button in case of emergency resuscitation.
Emergency batteries allow to control bed functions in case of power failure.

Technical data

Electrical bed specyfikacja:
Length: 215 cm
Width: 105 cm
Electrically-regulated height 46-75 cm