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Egerton Diasit

Basic features

Dialysis chair opis:
Dialysis Chair is designed for dialysis, oncology, chemothreapy, rehabilitation, plasmapheresis and blood transfusion.
The chair consists with 3 main parts. Back rest, seat part and leg rest. The chair makes back up and down, chair up and down, leg rest up and down and trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg movements by 4 DC motors with using hand control. Height adjusment is used with hand control and it makes movement vertical.
There is a removable cramp supports. Cramp support is adjustable for the cramps which happens dujring the dialysis. Head part is adjustable for the patients neck and there is an empty part between chair and head part. Neck cushion is given with the chair.


Additional features

Dialysis chair wyposażenie:
Chair is covered with cleanable, waterproof material and the chair is comfortable and orthopedic designed. Cushion is suitable hardness and upholstery made by leatherette which is easy cleanable and not effected to skin. The chair is made from viscoelastic foam. Viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam, is a type of open cell, flexible polyurethane foam. It is body heat and weight sensitive material. It contours to the body shape, distributes the body pressure over a wide area and besides comfortable seating, allows for good blood circulation. The patient can also benefit from the foam's capacity to redistribute weight and surface pressure, potentially reducing decubitus ulcers (bed sores) caused by aggravated pressure between the skin and bony areas of the body.


Technical data

Dialysis chair specyfikacja:
Length: 250 cm
Seat Width : 63 cm
Back Width : 63 cm
Arm Rest Width: 20 cm
Electrically-regulated height: 60-80 cm
Trendelenburg: 13 °
Reversed rendelenburg: 5 °