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Anti-decubitus mattress

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Basic features

Anti-decubitus mattress opis:
Anti-decubitus mattresses are intended for patients that are temporarily immobile, bedridden, paralized or in a coma. They can be used by hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients.
nti-decubitus mattresses are useful not only for the patient, but also for the staff. They prevent bedsores and facilitate their healing, reduce muscle tension and stiffness of joints. They lessen the pressure on crucial points on the patient’s body by evenly distributing body weight. They ensure proper moistness and temperature of skin without the necessity to move the patient, thus ensuring that the risk of damaging
sensitive skin is minimal.

Additional features

Anti-decubitus mattress wyposażenie:
System that fills every third chamber with air alternately, thus allowing two chambers to be filled at all times.
Pump, which adjusts the pressure in the mattress to the patient’s weight, systematically ensuring optimal adjustment of the mattress.
Constant rotation of pressure in the chambers provides the body with a continuous massage which improves blood supply and oxygenation of the skin, accelerating the healing of wounds.
The chambers of the mattress have special microholes that ventilate the patient’s skin and help keep skin moistness on an appropriate level which prevents sweating and skin maceration.
CPR valve helps deflate the mattress quickly to enable resuscitation.

Technical data

Anti-decubitus mattress specyfikacja:
Height 4.5 inches (12 cm)
Length: 79 inches (200 cm)
Width: 35.5 or 34 inches (90 cm or 86 cm)
Weight limit: 320 lbs (145 kg)